want to know more about me?

I have more socials that I'm not as active on. I was debating as to whether to give my steam/xbox users. Maybe some other day :P

want to stalk my mutuals?

+ anarchy2hot, apt107, bmh, caesár, chobitz, dumbie, frocio, galaxiesforever, hunipyon, loona, meltingsnow, mental-labour, peesee, pearls, polybiuzz, prettygirldystopia, prometheousjames, saiv, sashikitten, shiotan, wowbux, xomii, zusk

^^ Super cool webmasters who have followed me on neocities and/or added my button to their website. If you've recently gotten/changed your button, and would like to change how you're presented here, drop me a message in my cbox or on my neocities profile.

want to know where they went?

^^ No fr though, where did you guys go? I miss these webmasters, and I'm saving their buttons here hoping they'll come back.

want to watch something super cool?


titles from pookatoo.com, background from silent hill 4 :)